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HIRO YANAGIMACHIでつくる靴には、一足一足それぞれにストーリーがあります。ここでは過去にお客様に制作させていただいた靴の中から一部を取り上げ、それらに込められたストーリーをご紹介いたします。

新潟県 G.K.様



今回ご紹介するのは、足元の悪い冬場に備えてご注文いただいたブーツです。オイルドレザー、ラバーソールという仕様に、メダリオンのないブローグスタイルを合わせ、カジュアルながら品の良い一足に仕上がりました。 英語では、”Boots”は、”Shoes”と明確に分けていて、その違いは足首から上の脚を覆う筒部分の有無です。しかし靴を製作する際に、脚の特徴をもとに木型を作るという点では同じ。ブーツの場合は筒部分まである木型を製作し、その部分にはもちろんお客様ごとの脚の特徴が反映されます。





〈Boots…The meaning of the form from foot to leg.〉


This pair of boots was ordered for bad weather in winter. This brogue style without medallion adds a touch of elegance to the casual specifications such as oiled leather and rubber sole. He chose a nice combination. "Boots" are clearly separated from "Shoes". The differences between them is whether it covers the ankle or not. But both are the same in that we make them using lasts that reflect the customer's features of his foot and leg. For boots, we make lasts that have parts for the ankles that reflect the features of the customer's leg.

This customer's ankles were thin and his legs leaned outside, especially on the right side. He was dissatisfied ready-to-wear boots, because they pushed on the outside of his legs. The finished boots with the features of his legs fitted him very well. This pair covered from his foot to his leg properly and without stress. We hope the boots will support stable walking on unstable road surfaces and be his good partner.


Last : Full scratch/Round toe, Upper : American oiled leather/Dark Brown, Sole : Rubber sole



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