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HIRO YANAGIMACHIでつくる靴には、一足一足それぞれにストーリーがあります。ここでは過去にお客様に制作させていただいた靴の中から一部を取り上げ、それらに込められたストーリーをご紹介いたします。

Macao Mr. S.J.T.



一見してビスポークでの対応になるだろうという難しい足をお持ちのこちらの方は、マカオからのお客様です。靴選びにお困りだったところ、私たちのお客様である中国のご友人の勧めでご来店いただきました。そのお客様は各国で靴やスーツのオーダー経験が豊富である一方、ご自身も難しい足をお持ちで、HIRO YANAGIMACHIのビスポークでの対応に満足していただいた経緯があります。そうした信頼できる方からのご紹介ということで、こちらのお客様も確信を持ってご来店いただけたのだと思います。











〈Expanding word of mouth and a world of orders.〉


This customer visited us from Macao. He has difficult feet and we knew at once that his order would be for bespoke shoes. Actually, he had had trouble finding a good fit from shoes and asked for advice from another Chinese friend who had been our customer. That Chinese customer had a lot of experience ordering shoes and suits in various countries. He also had difficult feet and was satisfied with our bespoke shoes. We thought this introduction from such a trustworthy friend allowed him to visit us with some confidence.


His choice of model was a split toe shoe that is especially popular with customers from abroad. They will be used for a wide range of occasions although originally they are a kind of casual style.


In fact, many of our customers from mainland China and Hong Kong and Macao said they visit us because of introductions from other customers. Among these people there is a kind of community of people who have great interest in fashion including shoes. And they seem to have a culture that treasures the connections of such a community. They are also actively exchanging information about their interests. It means this community comes to life through their interest in fashion. It is very impressive to us that this relationship of trust among the community is so strong, and that they introduce information among this community to raise the qualities of their lives.


We have been asked from some of these people to visit their countries to hold a trunk show. At last, we decided to do one in Hong Kong, the neighbor city of Macao, in 2 weeks. We heard from this customer that he plan to visit us in Hong Kong. So we are looking forward to seeing him and this pair of shoes.


Last : Full Scratch/Round toe, Upper : French calf/Medium Brown, Sole : Square waist