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HIRO YANAGIMACHIでつくる靴には、一足一足それぞれにストーリーがあります。ここでは過去にお客様に制作させていただいた靴の中から一部を取り上げ、それらに込められたストーリーをご紹介いたします。

U.K. Mr. S.G.








〈Make your shoes special with your ideas.〉


This pair of shoes was ordered at our trunk show in London. The owner of this pair lives and works in London but is originally from Asia. We thought we could meet this kind of person there because London is an international city. It is one of the best parts of our overseas trunk shows that we can finally meet customers in foreign countries after having had contact through e-mail, etc. In the case of this customer, because we had had contact already via e-mail, we were able to communicate smoothly about his order. Fortunately our trial fitting shoes fit him very well so he ordered this pair from us.

He chose a split toe shoe with a bold color combination. This model is popular among customers from abroad, but it can look completely different just by changing the color of the leather on the apron part. Even with made-to-order there is no limitation on making shoes according to the customer's own style based on his ideas and choices among designs, materials and specifications. We, as bespoke shoemakers, would like to suggest an alternative way about thinking about ordering shoes. It does not simply mean choosing from what is already available, but rather making your own favorite shoes.


Last : Base last/Round toe, Upper : French calf/Black, Italian calf/Red, Sole : Beveled waist