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HIRO YANAGIMACHIでつくる靴には、一足一足それぞれにストーリーがあります。ここでは過去にお客様に制作させていただいた靴の中から一部を取り上げ、それらに込められたストーリーをご紹介いたします。

U.S.A. Ms. C.J.




こちらのお客様、もともと靴に興味があったということで、一度靴教室で靴をつくった経験をお持ちでした。その経験から、より靴への理解が深まり、自分の足に合わせたしっかりとした靴を履いてみたいと思われたのでしょう。靴教室の先生にHIRO YANAGIMACHIを勧められ、お仕事で来日されたタイトなスケジュールの中ご来店いただきました。靴づくりを経験された方、そして靴づくりを教えている方に選んでいただいたことは、また違った喜びがあるとともに大変励みになりました。





〈An experience with shoemaking that led to us.〉


Allow us to introduce a pair of shoe ordered by a woman from the United States. The gillie style is gorgeous looking and the bright burgundy color creates a feminine impression. Also the toe shape was made a bit shorter and rounder to look more petite and fit into everyday use.

She had been interested in shoes and had an experience in making shoes herself by hand. We guess that this experience made her understand more about shoes than before. Then she thought about making reliable shoes to fit her feet well. Her shoe-making teacher had introduced her to us. And she was able to fit in a visit with us during her tightly scheduled business trip. It was a different kind of pleasure and was an encouragement for us that a person with an experience of making shoes ordered from us and that a person who teaches shoe-making recommended our workshop.

We primarily make classic men's shoes. But we offer a variety of styles and materials and make modifications to the last shape as much as possible. Although most women are not familiar with these kind of shoes, we would like them as well to wear shoes that can be worn and used over the years with love and proper maintenance.


Last : Modified last/Round toe, Upper : French calf/Burgundy, Sole : Square waist