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HIRO YANAGIMACHIでつくる靴には、一足一足それぞれにストーリーがあります。ここでは過去にお客様に制作させていただいた靴の中から一部を取り上げ、それらに込められたストーリーをご紹介いたします。

大阪府 H.I.様




今回は、そんなお客様にとっても初めてとなるというブーツのオーダーをいただきました。HIRO YANAGIMACHIの得意とするギリースタイルをブーツに応用したもので、突出した存在感はやはりリクエストいただいたディテールによるものです。ダークグレイの革に施された細かな穴飾りの両脇を挟むステッチはすべてダブルステッチ。つま先だけでなくヒールからも有機的なラインを描くメダリオン。フィドルドバックを伴った、ピッチの細かいステッチのソール。つくり手である私たちもリクエストをいただかないとなかなかつくることのできない、見どころ満載の一足に仕上がりました。





〈An elaborate request. Showing the maker's ability. 〉


The customer who ordered these boots is one of our regular repeat customers. The reason he chose to make bespoke shoes at first was because of his feet's features. He couldn't find an exact fitting among ready to wear shoes for his very narrow feet. Now, he has a lot of experiences ordering bespoke shoes because he has ordered shoes from various shoemakers. He knows the shoes that he wants to make, and he had already decided the details of this shoe from design to specification when he visited us. For a shoemaker, it is the time to show the ability of being able to embody those ideas. We start by organizing the request and researching and examining carefully to arrange them into the best balance. If necessary, we make trial samples of the details to share the image with the customer. And then, we finish making a pair of shoes.

This time, he ordered a pair of boots from us. He said it was first time to order bespoke boots. The design he requested was oxford boots in gillie style that is HIRO YANAGIMACHI's specialized style. The prominent presence you may feel from these boots is from the elaborate details of his requests. Namely, the very fine broguing on the dark gray calf leather, the stitches following the broguing on both sides that are all double stitched, the medallions with organic lines that are not only on the toes but also the heel counters, and the fine pitch of the sole stitching with a fiddled back. We shoemakers do not get a chance without this kind of request to make such shoes or boots with highlights like these.

It is one of our important role to embody a customer's wish. And this kind of challenging work increases a maker's experience. We can develop our skills when we realize a customer's wish. We look forward to hearing his ideas for his next pairs that might make us a bit nervous. 


Last : Full scratch/Round toe, Upper : French calf/Gray, Sole : Beveled waist





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